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About us

We are Proces Media

We see it as our mission to turn professionals in the process industry into even better experts, this way we build a healthy, innovative and future-proof sector together with growth perspective

Our main values:

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  • Reliable
  • Leading
  • Connecting
  • Skilled

We have been active in the process industry for over 20 years

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Our brands

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Profile yourself on content and present yourself as an authority with a multimedia content strategy. By spreading your substantive message – online and/or in print – via the Process Media Brands, you reach the professionals in the process industry. This way you communicate one-on-one with operators and final decision-makers when investing in technological innovation
Solids Processing

The platform for industrial processing of dry substances and bulk materials

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Fluids Processing

The platform for the industrial processing of liquids, gases and slurries

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MB Maintenance

The platform for the maintenance market in the (process) industry

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Solids Processing, Fluids Processing & MB Maintenance
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Get started with content marketing. By making smart use of content you can find and bind the right target group. Through our brands you increase the reach, you work on better authority and you come into contact with the target group. You do this by sharing your knowledge and expertise with our readers. Think of:

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