About us

We are Proces Media

We see it as our mission to turn professionals in the process industry into even better experts, this way we build a healthy, innovative and future-proof sector together with growth perspective

Our main values:

  • Expertise
  • Reliable
  • Leading
  • Connecting
  • Skilled

Your communication partner

As an expert in the process industrie, Proces Media keeps professionals in the market up-to-date on the latest technology, trends and developments with a knowledge website, printed and digital magazines, and newsletters. Practical information for operators and executive management to better practice their profession.

As a trusted partner of the process industry, Proces Media enables suppliers to share their expertise with operators and managers, both online and offline. Communicate directly with end users and management. We offer suppliers their own digital environment on our websites to present products, technologies, services and expertise to that industry.

In this way, suppliers and users are linked and encouraged to share and exchange knowledge. Content marketing at its best

Our brands

Monthly reach thousands of specialists in the process industry

Reach specialists in the landfill and bulk industries, liquid and gas processing, and industrial maintenance.

Solids Processing
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Fluids Processing
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MB Maintenance
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